Identify and evaluate the soft skills of your candidates using WeSuggest.

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What is WeSuggest?

WeSuggest, a 100% web-based skills matching platform, helps you identify and evaluate the soft skills of candidates who will succeed within your company! The WeSuggest recruitment platform facilitates your recruitments thanks to a recommendation algorithm to quickly identify the relevant soft skills to be evaluated, The automation of questionnaires and reminders, which allows you to easily manage your campaigns A matching score to quickly compare the scores of evaluated candidates

Ways to use WeSuggest

Select the key soft skills and invite the candidate to complete the questionnaire in order to assess their potential and behavioral preferences. The matching algorithm then calculates a "match score" between the candidate's soft skills and the key soft skills for the position. You can then analyze and compare the results of the evaluated candidates!

Recruitee + WeSuggest =

- Save time and increase efficiency
- Make your intuition more reliable and limit bias
- Build talented teams
- Give your candidates a unique experience

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using WeSuggest and Recruitee together, visit the help article.