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Recruitment Analytics

Use the most advanced data analytics in the industry to optimize your hiring.

Job success

Track the most important data for your different jobs to make continuous improvements.

Visualization & export

Average lifetime

Drop-off rates

Pipeline speed

Candidate conversions

Find out where your best talent is coming from and optimize your best channels.

Visualization & export

Time to hire

Applicant conversion

Candidate sources

Team performance

Monitor your team’s performance and get the most out of your collaboration.

Visualization & export

Time to first contact

Team activities

Candidates by user

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Features overview

Recruitee brings together the most important features to help you track and optimize core hiring metrics.

Time to hire
Team KPIs
Conversion rates
Candidate sources
Job metrics
Data security

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About the product

Recruitee is a Talent Acquisition Platform, designed to help you Attract
the best talent, Automate manual tasks, and Predict hiring success.