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Candidate Interviewing

Find and connect with the very best candidates with advanced Interview Features.

Candidate evaluations

Use our advanced evaluation features to assess your candidates together with your team.

Quick evaluations

Custom scorecards

Evaluation templates

Collaborative evaluations

Interview scheduler

Schedule interviews according to the availability of your candidates and your team.

Availability planning

Calendar syncing

Email notifications

Link sharing

Video calling

Get to know your candidates face-to-face with high-quality video calls directly within Recruitee.

In-app video calls

Multi-party calls

Shareable video link

Built-in chat

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Features overview

Recruitee brings together the most important features to help you easily interview candidates.

Quick evaluations
Evaluation templates
Collaborative evaluations
Availability planning
Interview scheduling
Calendar syncing
In-app video calling
Multi-party calls
Video chat

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About the product

Recruitee is a Talent Acquisition Platform, designed to help you Attract
the best talent, Automate manual tasks, and Predict hiring success.