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Hiring the best talent has become the biggest challenge for most growing companies. With Recruitee, you have the most powerful features to help you attract the best candidates, automate manual tasks, and predict hiring success.

Attract Features

Attract the very best talent through employer branding, talent sourcing, job ads, and referrals.

Careers site editor

Create a powerful careers site with our easy drag and drop editor.


Optimize your careers site for people on the go.

Custom CSS & multimedia

Customize your careers site with advanced CSS and media options.

Custom domain

Integrate your careers site with your own website’s domain.

Social media integration

Easily share your careers site across major social networks.

One-click (LinkedIn) applications

Let candidates apply through LinkedIn with just one click.

Screening questions

Screen for the best candidates with custom questions.

Candidate videos

Get to know your candidates better with integrated video answers.

Open API

Integrate Recruitee directly with your platform.

Free sourcing extension

The Recruitee sourcing extension is free on Google Chrome.

Easy install

Install the Chrome extension in a couple of clicks.

One-click import

Import key candidate data in just one click.

Multiple sources

Source candidates from all major talent sources.

Pre-filled data

Save time with automatically pre-filled available data.

Custom fields

Customize your sourced candidates with custom fields.

Custom tags

Add tags to easily find your candidates later on.

Automatic syncing

All candidates are automatically synced to your account.

(10+) Free job boards

Post to over 10 free job boards worldwide.

(1,000+) Premium job boards

Post to over 1,000 premium job boards worldwide.

Local job boards

Hire internationally with local job boards.

Automated site recommendations

Get automated recommendations for the best job sites.

One-click order

Easily order job ads in just one click.

Bulk discounts (up to 30%)

Receive discounts of up to 30% on bulk orders.

Social media integration

Easily share your jobs on major social networks.

Social recruiting campaigns

Create smart social recruitment campaigns.

Google for Jobs

All jobs are automatically indexed on Google.

Multiple talent pools

Prepare for the future with multiple talent pools.

Smart search

Find talent with smart filters and Boolean searches.

Quick filters

Add quick filters to narrow your talent pool searches.

Team collaboration

Collaborate with your team on talent pools.

Activity updates

Get updates on talent pool developments.

Notes & files

Create and share notes and files for talent pools.

Custom views

Customize your views on talent pools.

Bulk actions

Save time with bulk actions within talent pools.


Localize your jobs and your careers site for any audience.

Automate Features

Easily Automate tasks, applicant tracking, emails, and interviews.

Custom pipeline

Customize the stages of your pipeline.

Detailed candidate profiles

See all of your candidates’ key details in one view.

Kanban overview

Get a clear overview of candidates in your hiring pipeline.

Bulk actions

Save time with bulk actions for candidates in your pipeline.

Boolean search

Create specific Boolean searches for candidates in the pipeline.

Favorite searches

Create favorite searches and save time in the future.

Advanced filters

Narrow your search with advanced filter options.

Duplicate profile detection

Automatically detect and merge duplicate profiles.

Automated actions

Create triggered automations for each stage of your hiring.

Multiple jobs

Create multiple jobs to meet your hiring needs.

Follow candidates

Follow candidates and keep updated on their progress.

CV/Resume uploader

Easily upload CVs/Resumes directly to the platform.


Create scorecards for assessing candidates.

Quick evaluations

Quickly evaluate candidates with just one click.

Evaluation templates

Create reusable templates for candidate evaluations.

Collaborative evaluations

Invite your team to help evaluate candidates.

Availability planning

Align with your candidates and plan your availability.

Interview scheduling

Easily schedule interviews with your candidates.

Two-way calendar syncing

Sync your interviews and events directly to your calendar.

In-app video calling

Get to know your candidates with in-app video calls.

Multiparty calls

Invite other team members to join video calls.

Video chat

Chat directly with your candidates while video calling.


Create custom questionnaires with video answers.

Smart inbox

Automate your communications with our smart inbox.

Two-way email integration

Integrate your email both ways with Recruitee mailbox.

Personalization placeholders

Create automatic placeholders and personalize your emails.

Email templates

Save time with email templates that are easy to insert.

Triggered automations

Create powerful triggered email automations.

Resume parsing

Automatically parse resumes from within emails.

Job inbox

Organize your communications with your own job inbox.

Send later

Automatically schedule emails to be sent later.

GDPR data subject rights

Easily insert GDPR compliance links into your emails.

Unlimited users

Every plan comes with unlimited users.

Flexible hiring roles

Assign flexible hiring roles to your team.

Access personalization

Personalize your team’s access to features and data.

Live updates

Receive live updates within the app.

Job and team notifications

Receive job notifications from your team.

Team notes

Collaborate with your team through team notes.


Create and assign tasks to your team.

Team mentions

Tag team members to loop them in.

Team calendar

Share events with your team via your calendar.

Tagging jobs

Create custom tags to better organize your jobs.

Company activities

Keep up to date on all company activities.

Native Zapier integration

Integrate with 1,000+ other tools via Zapier.

Native Slack integration

Get live updates on your hiring directly within Slack.

Native Checkr integration

Integrate directly with Checkr for background checks.

Private API

Integrate Recruitee directly with your platform.

Careers site API

Showcase your jobs on your own website.

Predict Features

Use your data to optimize your process, make better decisions, and predict hiring success.

Time to hire

See how long it takes to hire for each job.

Team KPIs

Track your team’s key performance metrics.

Conversion rates

See your key conversion data and optimize.

Candidate sources

Determine your most efficient hiring sources.

Job metrics

Get an overview of key metrics per job.

Data export

Easily export your analytics and reporting data.

Data visualization

Visualize and get an overview of your data.

Advanced filters

Customize your reports with smart filters and check trends.

Favorite reports

Create favorite reports for future use.

Automated reports

See automated reports for each job.

Clean visualization

Visualize the most important data for each job.

Detailed reporting

Dive into the details of your jobs’ performance.

Job overview

Get an overview of the most important metrics per job.

Pipeline report

See the data for all stages of your hiring pipeline.

Activities report

Get an overview of your team’s activities for any job.

AI recommendations

Find the best job boards with AI-driven recommendations.

Promotion matching scores

Determine the fit of any job board with your job.

Campaign overview

Get a clear overview of your campaigns’ performance.

Localized job ads

Kickstart global hiring with localized job ad recommendations.


Take advantage of our reliable software, powered by the latest tech.

Secure cloud servers

Your data is safe on our secure cloud servers.

Dedicated GDPR features

Protect your candidates’ data throughout the platform.

Multiple languages

We support German, English, French, and Dutch.

Mobile apps

Hire on the go with our iOS and Android apps.


Easily manage multiple companies at once.

Roles & permissions

Customize roles and permissions as you wish.

Data security

All of your data is safe and secure at all times.

CSV imports

Import external data via a CSV file.

Single sign-on

Connect your single sign-on (SSO) providers to your Recruitee account.

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