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All the features you need in a modern applicant tracking system.

Job management


Customize your hiring workflow for every Job.

Drag & Drop

Move candidates from one stage to another, while maintaining an overview of your pipeline.

Job boards

Access to more than 400 free and premium job boards worldwide.

Social media

Easily share your job openings on social media with one click.

Application form

Customize the application form of each Job, including custom screening questions.

Tracking links

Insert a custom code into a Job's link to track where your applicants come from.

Job filters

Filter all candidates in a Job based on tags, screening questions, sources, ratings, and more.

Activity feed

Keep track of all your team's activities within a Job.

Notes & files

Store all notes and files relevant to a Job for your team's reference.


Gain insights into your Job's application rate, candidate sources, and your team's hiring performance.

Skill set

Define a required skill set for a Job that your team can refer to when evaluating candidates.


Set a Job as "Draft", "Internal use", "Published", or "Closed" according to the stages where you are in your hiring process.


Follow a Job to receive email notifications of that Job's activities.

Quick access

Quick access from any device. iPhone and Android apps available.

Sync & backup

All your Jobs' information is backed up and synced to your Careers Site and job board listings everyday.

Candidate management

Bulk import

Bulk upload resumes to Recruitee to have each parsed into a candidate profile.

Import via email

Have candidates send their CVs to your Job inbox – all parsed into candidate profiles.

Sourcing tool

Scout potential candidates on any websites and import them to Recruitee with one click.

Candidate profiles

Gain an overview of all the candidate information you need, plus where they are in your hiring process.


Tag your employee's name as a source in a candidate profile to keep track of employee referrals.

Power Search

Filter candidates based on tags, screening questions, sources, ratings, their email content, and more.

Bulk Actions

Select the candidates you want and perform all the handy Bulk Actions - emailing, tagging, and assigning them to Jobs or Talent Pools.

Email automation

Automate the email communication when candidates apply to keep everyone in the loop effortlessly.

Shared Inbox

Get updated easily or take over a team member's communication with candidates when necessary.

Email sync

Sync your own mailbox with Recruitee to keep up to date with all communications.


Keep track of all scheduled meetings and calls with candidates, along with team members' attendance.

Disqualify reasons

Set default disqualify reasons and apply them to disqualified candidates for better following up or optimizing your candidate sources.


Follow a candidate to receive email notifications of that candidate’s status.

Tag & Source

Give candidates tags and Source tags for easy tracking and filtering.

Share candidates

Share candidates with external parties (outside Recruitee) via email or URL.

Talent Pool management

Talent Pool filters

Filter all candidates in a Talent Pool based on tags, screening questions, sources, ratings, and more.

Activity feed

Keep track of all your team's activities within a Talent Pool.

Notes & files

Store all notes and files relevant to a Talent Pool for your team's reference.


Follow a Talent Pool to receive email notifications of that Talent Pool's activities.

Quick access

Quick access from any device. iPhone and Android app available.

Customizable hiring roles

Decide which team members see which Talent Pool(s) by customizing their hiring roles.

Team management

Team Notes

Discuss each candidate with your team members, use @name to mention someone.

Team review

Each team member can write reviews and score each candidate based on a Job's preset skill set.

Roles & permission

Define roles for each team member and what they are in charge of for a collaborative hiring effort.


Follow Jobs and Talent Pools to receive email notifications of these Jobs' and Talent Pools' activities.


Easily switch between different company accounts, while keeping your hiring workflows and email templates intact.


Set up to-do’s that include relevant team members and link to relevant candidates with due dates.

Slack integration

Get real-time updates where your recruiting team is. Send notifications from Recruitee to as many Slack channels as you need.

Careers Site

Employer brand

Tell your story, show your brand identity, and attract cultural-fit candidates.

Custom domain

Create a domain like for your Careers Site.


Your Careers Site from Recruitee looks good on mobiles as well as desktops.


Use Recruitee's public API to integrate your Careers Site with your own website.

JavaScript widget

Insert Recruitee's JavaScript code into your website to display all your live Jobs on your website.

Application form

Have candidates fill out a Job's application form with custom screening questions on your Careers Site.

Major languages

Change your Careers Site's language to adapt to the local job market.

Custom CSS

Style your Careers Site beyond the default settings with your custom CSS.

Social media

Easily share your Careers Site and every job opening on social media with one click.

Jobs display

Arrange Jobs according to their tags so that candidates can easily find them.


From text, photos, videos, to maps, use any media you need to showcase your employer brand.

One-click apply

Candidates can choose to apply via LinkedIn or Indeed with one click, and have their data parsed into Recruitee.

Data & Analytics

Team activities

Get hard numbers on your team's hiring effort.

Job performance

Compare the resources and results of all your Jobs for better optimization.


Have insights into all your candidate sources and see which ones perform best.

Careers Site conversion

See the amount of traffic visiting your Careers Site and how many applications come from there.

Secure servers

All your data is stored in our highly encrypted servers. Our partners and us comply with the


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