Transform how you connect and visualize your HR and payroll data across systems, e.g. AFAS.

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What is BrynQ?

In 2007, Salure was created by a split-off from SupportPlus. Owners Paul and Jaco van Hengel decided to continue the salary administration under the name - Salure.

Located in the heart of the Netherlands, BrynQ stands as a distinct brand under the Salure umbrella. Salure, with its robust team of over 100+ experts, boasts an extensive track record with more than 13 years of international experience in HR & Payroll software services.

Their journey at BrynQ began with its Data & Analytics team’s long-standing dedication to integrating the Dutch HR systems with a wide array of global HR and payroll systems. This endeavour was always driven by their dream to make unlocking data so easy that anyone could master it.

In 2022, their dream took a tangible form. Their team, leveraging their collective expertise, insights and AI technology, ventured beyond traditional boundaries to create something truly global. The result was an innovative global HR & Payroll integration cloud – BrynQ.

Ways to use BrynQ

BrynQ specialises in creating connectors and APIs that make HR and payroll systems communicate like never before, either fully or semi-automated.

Its data management empowers vendors and businesses with smart, secure, and efficient data handling and visualization via their integration cloud.

Recruitee + BrynQ =

- Build full or semi-automated connectors and APIs, for example, AFAS integration.

- Connect one system to another, with the option to apply logic/customer-specific data processing rules.

- Empower businesses with data management and visualization.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using BrynQ and Recruitee together, watch this recording.

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