Enboarder is the leading Experience-Driven Onboarding platform, changing onboarding experiences for good!

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What is Enboarder?

Enboarder is the first Experience-Driven Onboarding platform and is the new way businesses onboard. Our platform emphasizes the value of human connection and experience, putting the employee at the center of everything we do. With Enboarder you can turn new hires into highly engaged, long term employees and managers into onboarding rockstars.

Ways to use Enboarder

Onboard your new hires effectively, directly from your Recruitee platform. This integration allows you to automatically trigger a personalized onboarding journey in Enboarder, engaging your new hires from the moment they accept an offer, coaching your managers, and ensuring the business is ready to welcome them on day one.

Recruitee + Enboarder =

- Seamless experience: Send your newly hired candidates directly to Enboarder from Recruitee for a smooth transition for both you and the candidate.
- Better candidate experience: Put your new hire at the center of your onboarding process and turn them into highly engaged, long-term productive members of your team.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using Enboarder and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

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