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What is OfferZen?

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OfferZen is a developer hiring marketplace that takes the noise out of developer hiring. To do this, we connect curated, actively job-seeking developers with exciting job opportunities at over 2000 companies in Europe and Africa. Developers on OfferZen are vetted for intent to change jobs and are encouraged to respond to interview requests within 48 hours, giving companies on OfferZen an average of 25 days to hire.

Ways to use OfferZen

Source the right candidate from the get-go
- Find your perfect match on OfferZen, which matches you with the best developers for the role you’re hiring for.

Keep your candidates in one place
- Candidates that accept your message requests on OfferZen will be synced automatically with Recruitee.

Make hires in no time
- Open a detailed position, link it to Recruitee, and start hiring developers matching your requirements.

Recruitee + OfferZen =

- Less manual work: Automatically get candidate data from OfferZen to Recruitee.
- All your candidates in one place: With the integration, you can access all the candidates you're talking to in Recruitee.
- Improved candidate experience: Respond to candidates faster and don't miss out on any emails or interviews.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using OfferZen and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

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