Recruitee sourcing extension

Find candidates anywhere with Recruitee’s Chrome sourcing plugin.

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This integration is available in our Lead and Scale plans
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Recruitee sourcing extension
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What is Recruitee?

Recruitee is the collaborative hiring software that delivers the complete solution to help internal HR teams work with the rest of their organization to hire better together. With an easy-to-use interface, thousands of scaling businesses like Taco Bell, M&S, and Asus have used Recruitee’s recruitment management and applicant tracking system to find, interview, and hire the best talent. More than 118k users from 4k+ companies are finding it easy to navigate through our intuitive UX to build custom pipelines, attract and source top talent, evaluate candidates, and hire future team members.

Recruitee integrates with several partners helping you to get the most out of your hiring software.

Ways to use Recruitee Sourcing

Download the Recruitee Chrome sourcing extension to source candidates from any web page with a user database. Say goodbye to manual work and copy-pasting. Once you’re on a user profile, you can automatically attach their information to a candidate profile and assign them to the appropriate job description.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using the Recruitee Chrome sourcing extension, visit our help center article.

Recruitee sourcing extension
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