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What is Ringover?

Ringover is an all-in-one communications platform that empowers recruiters to spend more time building relationships with clients and candidates.

It offers a single platform for calling, texting, video meetings, and WhatsApp, powered by AI-driven features such as mood analysis, conversation transcription, and summaries.

Trusted by more than 14,000 clients to drive better candidate & business development outcomes.

Ways to use Ringover

Ringover and Recruitee streamline recruitment with features such as click-to-call (extension Chrome & Firefox), automatic conversation history syncing and AI insights. This powerful integration ensures faster candidate connections, reliable data synchronization, and unified communication while reducing administrative tasks. Automatically capture calls and information in Recruitee, connect instantly with candidates and clients through click-to-call, gain valuable insights from AI-analyzed calls, and scale your recruiting efforts by reaching top talent through multi-channel outreach.

Recruitee + Ringover =

- Click-to-call: Quickly reach candidates with a single click from Recruitee and access personalized caller data.

- Automatic syncs: Call logs, recordings, text messages, notes, and tags sync directly in Recruitee, ensuring reliable data for the entire team.

- WhatsApp history: Exchange messages with clients/candidates on WhatsApp using Ringover numbers, with history automatically synced as notes to Recruitee.

- Conversational AI insights: Enhance engagement with AI solutions that analyze, summarize, translate, and transcribe conversations with Recruitee candidates.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using Ringover and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

Available languages: English and Dutch
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