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Recruitee and KiwiHRRecruitment and HR processes made easy

Recruitment and HR
processes made easy

Centralize your recruitment and HR admin by bundling Recruitee and KiwiHR for a special discounted price.


Hire and retain the best people

From recruitment to pay-rolling, our bundles with KiwiHR help you achieve it all.


Reduce administrative tasks in both your hiring and HR processes

Save more than 47% of your time spent on manual repetitive tasks and focus on what matters most.

Manage your people’s data in one bundle of tools

Manage the data of all your current employees and new hires seamlessly.


Create a positive hiring and employee experience

By simplifying your recruitment and HR processes you’ll increase your employee retention and improve your employer brand.


Customize your pricing

We customize our pricing based on your needs! Use the buttons below to get an exclusive price tailored for you!

Job slots

How many open jobs does your company want to have?

10 open job slots
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10 open job slots
15 open job slots
20 open job slots
25 open job slots
30 open job slots
35 open job slots
40 open job slots

Company size

How many full-time employees does your company have?

10 full-time employees
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10 full-time employees
15 full-time employees
20 full-time employees
25 full-time employees
30 full-time employees
35 full-time employees
40 full-time employees
50 full-time employees




Get Recruitee's Launch plan +
KiwiHR's Plus plan.



billed annually
Contact sales

10% discount



Get Recruitee's Scale plan +
KiwiHR's Plus plan.



billed annually
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10% discount

Questions about Recruitee x KiwiHR

Are KiwiHR and Recruitee one product?

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No, Recruitee and KiwiHR are two standalone, best-of-breed products that integrate seamlessly with each other. Combining the two products makes it easy for you to send data of your new hires to your HR tool and get them integrated and onboarded into your company quicker!

Can I also take a monthly subscription?

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Unfortunately not. The bundle and its price are only available on a yearly plan.

Will I have two separate contracts for KiwiHR and Recruitee?

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No, you’ll have one contract with Recruitee with T&C for both Recruitee and KiwiHR. This makes it easier for your team to review the contract as well.

What are the payment options?

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You can pay with credit card or by invoice.

Can I try out both tools before subscribing?

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Yes, feel free to reach out to our sales team and they can get your trial accounts set up!

quote markCustomer of KiwiHR

We are very happy with KiwiHR as it allows us to provide more transparency in the company. It also gives us a comprehensive overview, simplifies internal organization, and is very easy-to-use.

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Marlene Birklbauer
HR Manager at E2 Communications