Hire tech talent recommended by in-house recruiters

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What is Circular?

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Circular helps you hire 10X faster by harnessing a network of +7,000 in-house recruiters recommending pre-vetted and peer-approved tech talent.

Ways to use Circular

Publish your jobs in Circular as usual. We’ll then send you candidates that match your role, which you’ll need to either send an interview request to or reject if they’re not the right fit.Thanks to Circular’s integration with Recruitee, anytime a candidate accepts your interview request, we will automatically sync the candidate and all their information to Recruitee.You can then progress with the candidate in your ATS, and when you reject or hire that candidate, your Circular account will be synced so that the information is updated in both places.

Recruitee + Circular =

- All your candidate information in one place. Post your job in Circular and connect it with your ATS. Once the synchronization is complete, all your candidate information will automatically be transferred from Circular to your ATS.
- Use your ATS to refer candidates. Copy the recommendation link in your Circular account or use one of the templates we provide to explain Circular to your candidates better. Head to your Recruitee account, find your discarding email template, and paste the recommendation info there.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using Circular and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

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To learn more about using
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