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What is Codility?

Codility makes great hiring decisions effortless, without wasting engineering or recruiter time. Candidates are evaluated equally based on the technical skills that matter — enabling engineering leaders to build high-performing, diverse teams that power growth. That’s why Slack, Microsoft, and Tesla are using them already.

- CodeCheck: Design role-specific remote skills assessments to screen your technical candidates before moving them to the interview stage.
- CodeLive: Host technical remote or onsite interviews via our shared editor using a range of templates and whiteboards.
- CodeChallenges: Maximize impact at events or host online coding competitions.

Ways to use Codility

Integrate your Codility software with Recruitee to easily send Codility’s coding skills assessment tests directly from the candidate profile. Candidates’ scores can be seen directly within their profile once they have been completed, helping you make your hiring decision. This integration will save you time and effort with your tech recruitment.

Recruitee + Codility =
- Easy integration: Integrate your Codility account directly within your Recruitee platform in minutes.
- Single workspace: Send coding assessments or schedule live coding sessions within the Recruitee candidate profile.
- Better hiring decisions: Move forward the best candidates based on assessment results.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using Codility and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

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