Attract more diverse global talent through inclusive recruitment tools.

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What is Diversely?

Diversely helps your hiring team to achieve your D&I goals by taking the bias out of talent sourcing to win diverse talent for your jobs, while helping you understand your diversity data and showing the success you have achieved, all in one platform. Diversely believes that diverse talent leads to greater profitability because companies benefit from innovation earnings, a broader talent pool and improved client retention. And the numbers don’t lie.

Ways to use Diversely

Diversely helps you to make D&I a part of your recruitment journey. Integrating your Recruitee account with your Diversely account, will allow you to seamlessly pass your approved jobs data through to Diversely, where you can run your job through 4 inclusive recruitments steps (and tools). These steps ensure your job ad is appealing to under-represented groups, that it's posted to reach a broad talent pool and that you take the bias out of the first screening of applicants. From here your applicants are seamlessly handed back into your Recruitee account for next steps, whether that's assessments, interviews or onboarding.

Recruitee + Diversely =

- Make D&I a part of your recruitment way of working
- Attract a more diverse talent pool to the top of your talent pipeline or funnel
- Reduce manual work of both creating jobs in both systems and transferring applicants between tools

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using Diversely and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

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