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What is Equalture?

Equalture is a data-driven hiring tool that helps SMBs make unbiased hiring decisions by providing them with objective insights into their current teams and candidates.

Ways to use Equalture

Equalture leverages neuroscientific games to collect unbiased data and help you find the best-fit candidate in three steps:

Step 1: Collect team insights to reveal your hiring needs
Use neuroscientific games to assess your current employees’ skills, competencies, and personality traits. These insights will reveal team success predictors, skill gaps, and cultural traits.

Step 2: Collect candidate insights
Replace the traditional application form by introducing our revolutionary job application experience to your candidates, in your company’s look and feel. Here candidates are asked to share their previous experiences, educational background, or any other information you would like to collect and complete a set of games right away.

Step 3: Hire the best candidate
Now you can objectively assess the candidates’ fit with your hiring needs and culture and easily focus your efforts on the best-fit candidates.

Recruitee + Equalture =

- Reduced hiring bias: Assess candidates based on their skills and competencies, helping you fight unconscious bias in the hiring process.
- Increased candidate quality: Find out which candidates are a match sooner so that you can spend more time with quality candidates.
- Reduced cost: A bad hire can be costly to an organization. Find the right candidate the first time.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using Equalture and Recruitee together, visit the help article.