eSkill offers a Talent Assessment Platform that includes skills and cognitive tests and behavioral assessments to help organizations hire and retain top candidates.

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What is eSkill?

eSkill was launched in 2003 to fill an unmet need—offer organizations customizable skills tests that were more accurate, thorough, and compliant predictors of employee success than “canned” tests. eSkill has since expanded globally and has expanded its offerings to include cognitive aptitude tests, the ability to include video response questions in skills tests, and behavioural assessments. Clients can also include simulation questions that present applicants with tasks they would encounter on the job so they can observe how candidates approach problems and determine if they are a good fit for the job.

Ways to use eSkill

Clients can choose from among 800 job- and subject-based assessments in the eSkill Test Library that are tailored to industry sectors such as staffing, call centers, retail, hospitality, and much more. They can also use eSkill Author to create customized employment tests by choosing questions from multiple tests and adding their own questions. They can include video response questions to get thorough answers to standard questions, evaluate verbal communication abilities and foreign language skills and ensure candidates are a good fit for the job and company culture.

Recruitee + eSkill =

- Instantly screen applicants: the Recruitee + eSkill integration will allow you to instantly assign an assessment to a candidate without leaving Recruitee.
- Increase productivity: decrease the time spent in multiple platforms. The only time spent in eSkill will be to add or change assessments. The Recruitee + eSkill integration lets recruiters spend their time and resources within Recruitee.
- Visibility: Recruiters can share results with co-workers from the candidate profile such as the candidate's score and overall results.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using eSkill and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

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