Are you wasting time interviewing candidates you're never going to hire?

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What is Hirevire?

*Available languages: English*

Hirevire is a screening automation solution that lets you screen hundreds of applications automatically through a streamlined process. You can collect audio, video, and text responses from candidates, allowing you to gauge their communication skills and personality traits. Spend your time interviewing only the best candidates based on responses to screening questions.

Ways to use Hirevire

- Streamline your screening process with video introductions. No more phone calls or additional emails - gather video, audio, text, or files from applicants.

- Customize screening interviews to match your requirements. Set answer time, add your logo, and align colors with your brand for a unique interview experience.

- Access candidate interviews easily in Recruitee. No logins required - the link to the interview appears automatically.

- Effortlessly manage automated emails with customized content based on screening responses.

- Invite candidates seamlessly through Recruitee. Conduct one-way interviews by moving candidates to the appropriate stage triggering Hirevire interviews. Set up automatic email invites for added convenience.

Recruitee + Hirevire =

- Automate your screening process.
- Save countless hours: create the interview framework once and extend invitations to unlimited candidates.
- Establish a consistent pre-screening procedure.
- Share a video recording with your interviewers to build a rapport before the interview.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using Hirevire and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

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