A single API to add hundreds of integrations to your app in days, not years.

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What is Merge?

*Available languages: English*

Merge is a Unified API that allows developers to embed customer-facing API integrations in their products right out of the box without the need to configure on a per-integration basis. Developers integrate once with the platform to offer hundreds of integrations in categories like HRIS/Payroll, ATS, Accounting, CRM, Ticketing, and more.

Quickly and painlessly add integrations with an accessible API design, SDKs in multiple languages, and in-depth documentation. Fully searchable logs, automated issue detection, and customizable alerts provide everything your customer success team needs to shine.

Spare your developers hundreds of hours for each integration they build and maintain. Your product team will thank you.

Ways to use Merge

The platform lets developers add a Recruitee integration to their product faster and more cost-effectively than if they were to build the integration themselves. Merge normalizes the data synced from Recruitee's API and gives developers a full suite of tools (logs, issue detection, etc.) to manage the integration.

Recruitee + Merge  =

- Merge Link: Your users authorize integrations via a drop-in component in your app.
- Continuous syncing: Build in-app functionality powered by data continuously synced for each integration and connected customer account.
- One data model: "Common Models" provide normalized, constantly synced data for each category of integrations.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using Merge and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

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To learn more about using
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