NurtureBox makes it easier for recruiters to acquire top talent and spend time interviewing them.

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What is NurtureBox?

We help recruiters automate and scale multichannel outreach thanks to our plugin that helps you integrate with multiple tools.

NurtureBox is a talent engagement platform that cuts down on the unnecessary need to switch between various tools to get information on candidates, copy-paste that information, and add them up to your campaigns.

We have built a direct Whatsapp messaging feature that helps you to send template-based messages to your prospects.

Ways to use NurtureBox

Share your job roles with Recruitee and automate your sourcing workflows. This integration automatically adds candidates from NurtureBox to your Recruitee account.

Every time you add prospects in NurtureBox, they’ll automatically be added to the right location in Recruitee. This way, you’ll always have access to the best talent in Recruitee.

NurtureBox will do the sourcing work while you keep your recruitment activities centralized in Recruitee!

Recruitee + NurtureBox =

Stop copying and pasting data across different tools!

- Add prospects info from LinkedIn candidate page to Recruitee in just 2 clicks.
- Assign candidates to a particular job description that you have created on the Recruitee.
- Automatically download the resume of the candidate and sync to the candidate detail page in Recruitee.
- NurtureBox notifies other recruiters if you have already added a prospect to the Recruitee.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using NurtureBox and Recruitee together, visit the help article.