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What is Orgnostic?

Orgnostic is the people analytics platform for strategic HR leaders that provides you with high-quality organizational insights about talent acquisition, turnover, talent management, and DE&I.Orgnostic automatically links scattered HR data from multiple sources such as HRIS, ATS, Performance Management systems, and similar. It then audits the data and enriches it with automated employee surveys to provide premium insights into your workforce and to support you in planning your company's growth.

Ways to use Orgnostic

Imagine having the ability to pull data from all of your HR tools (HRIS, ATS, LMS) into a unified view to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of your candidate and employee journey, plan action points and strategize on how to improve. Combining Orgnostic with Recruitee, you get to learn, report and improve your people metrics in talent acquisition like: time-to-hire, quality-of-hire, bad hires, candidate drop-off rate, time-in-recruitment stage etc.

Recruitee + Orgnostic =

- Talent Acquisition Dashboard & Reporting - get insights about your recruitment team's progress towards the hiring plan and candidate experience throughout your hiring process.
- Candidate Experience Surveys & Quality of Hire - activate automatic surveys to collect feedback from your candidates about their experience. Also, learn if you are growing as fast as possible by understanding the quality of hires and the percentage of replacement hires in your total hiring.
- Data Health - get an overview of your data health to save time cleaning data. Orgnostic will point out concrete fields where you are missing data or where the data is incorrect

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To learn more about using Orgnostic and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

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