Radancy's Employee Referrals

Radancy’s Employee Referrals make referrals your most successful recruitment channel.

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Radancy's Employee Referrals
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What is Radancy's Employee Referrals?

*Available languages: English and German*

Powered by our cloud-based talent acquisition platform, Radancy’s Employee Referrals helps you engage and incentivize your employees to reach more talent, attract high-quality candidates and recruit hard-to-fill roles. By seamlessly integrating into your workflow, we can help you create connections that count – helping you hire better talent, faster.

Ways to use Radancy's Employee Referrals

A seamless integration between Radancy's Employee Referrals and Recruitee means your recruiting teams have everything in one place and don’t need to work between two different tools. New jobs in Recruitee will automatically be published in Radancy's Employee Referrals, and all referrals and applications coming through Radancy's Employee Referrals will automatically be synchronized back to Recruitee, keeping things streamlined and simple for everyone.

- Increase your referral & hiring rate up to 50%
- Increase the quality of job applications
- 30% faster time-to-hire
- Save money on headhunters & agencies
- Long-term engagement of your employees through gamification
- Save time through automation

Recruitee +  Radancy's Employee Referrals =

- Fast & cost-effective: with employee referrals, your cost-per-hire will decrease significantly, along with your turnover, as referrals statistically are the better fit.
- Long-term employee motivation: motivated employees are the foundation of a successful employee referral program.
- GDPR compliant: as a European company, we are GDPR compliant and protect your user rights.
- Cultural fit & sustainability: statistics show that referred employees stay longer and fit better within the corporate culture.
- Authenticity & reach: employees have an average network of 1,340 contacts each and are authentic ambassadors for your company.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using Radancy's Employee Referrals and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

Radancy's Employee Referrals
Available languages: English and Dutch
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