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What is SpringVerify?

SpringVerify India is a modern Background Verification Service with a network of trusted vendors. It ensures that you can rest while its system finds any fraudulence associated with your organization. As a fully distributed entity, SpringVerify's core mission is to simplify HR processes, driving efficiency and innovation for businesses, globally.

Ways to use SpringVerify

Auto-sync candidate data and initiate background verification directly from Recruitee. With an easy-to-use SpringVerify portal, you can organize your recruitment process with reduced manual work. SpringVerify expedites hiring decisions with rapid turnaround times and simplified background verification on our user-friendly portal. Its automated system allows easy initiation, quick updates, detailed reports, and seamless payment management. Candidates can also save time by submitting documents once, eliminating the need for multiple portals and manual checks, and enhancing overall recruitment efficiency.
Recruitee + SpringVerify =

- Initiate background verification directly from Recruitee
- Auto-sync candidate data between two systems
- Receive verified reports in Recruitee

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To learn more about using SpringVerify and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

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