Trusty turns employee referrals into a 100% automated and fully integrated process.

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What is Trusty?

We help companies increase employee referrals easily thanks to automated workflows, user gamification, and data. We provide companies with a fully integrated solution, both for employees (with Slack and Teams integrations) and recruiters (Recruitee integration) to boost employee engagement and referral hires.

Ways to use Trusty

You can launch Trusty in less than a week. Thanks to our integrations with Recruitee and your internal communications system, we offer automated and fully integrated workflows to help you engage with your team. Thanks to automation, Trusty will make it easy for everyone at your company to refer talent.

Recruitee + Trusty =

- Open positions are automatically synced and shared with your team in Slack or Teams
- Personalized referral links for all employees to share with their friends and network
- Referrals are automatically created and tracked in your Recruitee workflow

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using Trusty and Recruitee together, visit the help article.