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What is apideck?

Apideck helps SaaS companies accelerate their integrations strategy. Thanks to their Unified APIs companies can build native integrations in record time, freeing up engineering time to focus on the core product.

Ways to use apideck

Through the Unified ATS API, you can connect to multiple ATS tools while building only a single integration. This allows you to push or read application information as well as create and read jobs.

Recruitee + apideck =

- Flexibility and scalability - Integrate with dozens of HR applications, at scale through a single Unified API
- Choose your Software Development Kit - Use your preferred SDK to further simplify your build process
- Actionable insights - Integrated logging and monitoring provide direct insights into your API calls and error messages
- Credential management - Leave credential management (OAuth, API keys, etc.) and token refreshing up to us
- Bidirectional connectivity - Enjoy full CRUD support on all endpoints

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using apideck and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

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