Shorten your screening time and hire the best talent confidently with RecRight pre-recorded video interviews.

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What is RecRight?

RecRight is the leading provider of pre-recorded video interviews in the Nordics. We are humbled yet proud of the trust expressed by our 400+ customers globally from small & high-growth companies all the way to enterprise-level organizations. RecRight is dedicated to helping recruiters find the right talent efficiently and stress-free while providing candidates with a way to show their full potential.

Ways to use RecRight

The Recruitee-RecRight integration provides a smooth and hassle-free way to manage your candidates from start to finish without the need to hop on and off from one platform to another. The whole screening phase can be carried out in one place and at your own pace; record your interview questions, invite your candidates to the video interview and watch your candidates’ responses. Involve your hiring team to ask their own questions and let the candidate get a sense of your employer brand.

Recruitee + RecRight =

- Save 50% of your time in the screening phase
- Better overall candidate fit and a better sense of the candidate to match the position and culture
- Improved employer brand and superior candidate experience

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using RecRight and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

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