Easy and affordable texting software for recruiters

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What is Rectxt?

*Currently only available in the US & Canada*

Designed by recruiters for recruiters. Rectxt is a fast, easy, and affordable texting software for recruiters that seamlessly integrates with Recruitee in a couple of clicks. Make use of the Rectxt chrome extension, mobile app, and web app.

Each recruiter chooses their texting number from any area code in North America, and all text message conversations are instantly saved into each candidate's Recruitee profile.

Ways to use Rectxt

Integrate the unbeatable performance of texting into your recruitment workflow with Rectxt. Simply click on a candidate’s phone number in Recruitee to send a text!

The nifty click-to-text chrome extension allows recruiters to instantly send 1:1 and 1:many messages directly from within Recruitee or from any other webpage including Indeed and LinkedIn.

Recruitee + Rectxt =

- Safe & compliant texting for your recruitment team
- Increased candidate response rates
- Reduced time-to-fill
- Improved candidate experience
- Secure data retention within Recruitee

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using Rectxt and Recruitee together, visit the help article.