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What is Textmetrics?

Textmetrics is the world's leading assisted writing platform that assists 12 languages and is used by over 60.000 users in 29 countries. During the writing process, recruiters are supported by our assisted writing platform. Our platform reads along, analyzes your job ad, and provides real-time improvement suggestions, including:

- Preventing gender bias
- Correcting language level (B1 is understood by 80% of people and is therefore highly recommended)
- Inclusive writing
- Preventing age discrimination and cultural bias
- On-brand writing
- Writing according to your writing and brand guides
- SEO-optimised for Google for Jobs

Ways to use Textmetrics

The Textmetrics platform is very easy to install and to use in Recruitee.Our assisted writing platform supports writers during the writing process. Our platform reads along and analyzes your text, and then provides you with real-time improvement suggestions to write gender neutral, on brand and at a B1 language level.

Recruitee + Textmetrics =

- Improvement in the quantity of candidates by writing inclusive content for your target audience.
- High diversity among applicants, which impacts the diversity of the workplace
- Better quality of candidates
- Improve the quality of your job ads and reach a bigger group of potential candidates

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using Textmetrics (video) and Recruitee together, visit the help article.